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We've been where you are--passionately driven turn a dream into reality. We're blazing new trails to NYC, LA, and beyond, learning lessons along the way that we'd love to share with you now.

We are The Green Room.

Kristen Lucas

Kristen Lucas

Goldilocks Productions

In just a few years Kristen managed to go from specializing in brand

marketing to independently producing award-winning films, commercials,

music videos and docu-series, even managing a roster of talented actors

with Bohemia Group based in Los Angeles. 


With her side passion for telling stories about badass women, Kristen

continues to hustle 7 days a week creating content through her production company, Goldilocks Productions.

And now she's bringing her years of industry experience and her contacts

in the industry together under one roof, to help advise and consult.

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