Talent Branding Sessions!

I have a background in fashion, marketing and film which is why I love working with actors on their branding. When I first started to look at actors' headshots I saw a pattern. A bad one.

The shots didn't really look different from one shot to the next, EXCEPT their wardrobe. They were either smiling, or they were not. Nothing about the location, the styling supported the "role" they were trying to achieve. The photos looked more like a glamour shot session... like a photo that your mom might put on the mantle. They did not look like a marketing tool that would be used to grab the attention of a casting director.

What to do? Ha, I put on my marketing hat and figured out how to appeal to the customer! Mind blowing I know, right? Then it was time to put together a team. A new group of photographers that could understand the challenge and think creatively about how to support what the actors were trying to "sell".

We are excited about the results, click here to check out the latest sessions and learn more about the team.

Kristen Lucas

Founder, The Green Room Studios

Producer, Goldilocks Productions

Photo credit: Adam Clear of Clear Photography

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