Script Consultation

Our script consulting service is ideal for aspiring screenwriters who have writer’s block or seek feedback at any stage of the writing process, and production companies outsourcing script analysis work. With our script consulting service, you will not only improve your script but be encouraged to reach your full potential as a storyteller.

With our script consultant you will:

  • Share your draft and get feedback about your screenplay

  • Identify and develop the deeper thematic and emotional elements of your script

  • Sharpen your editing and storytelling instincts

  • Workshop ways to start and boost your writing in 1-on-1 zoom consultations

Angelle Haney Gullett

Angelle Haney Gullett

Angelle began her career as a journalist, covering the overnight city beat and writing a weekly obituary column in Dayton, Ohio. From newspapers she moved on to publishing, working as a book editor and moving to Los Angeles to apply her experience and love of story to screenwriting. After writing for several web-series and working as a script analyst, her feature placed high in the Nicholl Fellowship. In addition to her spec scripts and pilots, Angelle has also been a writer on assignment for State Street Productions.  She currently works at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences as well as collaborating with the Goldilocks Productions team.  

Brooks Elms

Brooks Elms

Brooks is a lifelong filmmaker and WGA screenwriter. He has directed two features and written over 20 scripts, recently selling a sci-fi/thriller called Near Earth Object to Adam Goodman.  Before that he sold Snowfall to Gold Circle, Benderspink and Evan Astrowsky. Brooks has been hired for nine screenwriting assignments for companies such as Base FX and Broken Road, and his scripts have gotten four option offers.  In addition to being a WGA writer, Brooks has helped writers and filmmakers on over a hundred projects from new creatives starting out, to supporting mid-level screenwriters so they can advance in contests and get representation. 

Rufus Chaffee

Born in Vermont, and raised on the North Shore of Boston, Rufus Chaffee is a writer, director & producer. Rufus graduated from Emerson College with a degree in Film and Video Production.  He cites Alfred Hitchcock, the Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino among his many influences.  Rufus currently works closely with both Goldilocks Productions and Bohemia Group on the development and evaluation of literary submissions.  Rufus was a quarter finalist in the 2014 Nicholl Fellowship for his feature, Three Sheets.  His feature debut, The Muse was distributed as well as his feature script Lazarus Rising released on a new streaming platform in 2020. 

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