BIZ Branding

The first step toward creating any brand is to first know what it is you’re selling. If you’re trying to market

shampoo, putting it in the freezer section is probably not going to help your sales. 


The same concept applies for actors.  


If you’re a boy-next-door type, trying to pull off a grizzled, intimidating tough guy

persona is going to get you chuckles, but probably not many roles.


We have developed a process that helps us work with you to figure out the types of roles

you are right for and what roles you want to be thought of.  Then we create them together

with background selection, wardrobe, hair/makeup styling and what you bring to the role the day of the shoot.

Ready To Get Started?

The headshot is the single most important marketing tool for an actor.  Don't cut corners.  Invest in your career and you won't have to waste time and money.  It's your calling card, and you want to be seen as a pro, not an amateur, so your marketing materials should reflect that.  It's not a glamour shot, it's a photo that is used to market you in a particular role.  So make sure you have range.


Kendra Cunningham

Comedian, Actress, Writer

My overall experience was I was very impressed! From start to finish the experience was top notch. Preparing for the shoot was different than any photo shoot I experienced. My manager took me through different scene preparations that was usually used to prepare for a film not a photo shoot. But that preparation brought different characters out that was used during my session. I was highly impressed!  I am looking forward to booking more roles soon.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kevin O. Peterson

Actor, Model

The best part was before the shoot even happened. The questions that were used to help find the different characters to play upon once the shoot began. It wasn't just come in and smile and then not smile the photographer knew the characters that we prepared for and she pushed us to those characters and allowed us to give those looks that came through on the shots.  The team really cared about helping me achieve my goals.  It was fun, too!

Enku Gubaie

Actor, Model

The creative team was involved from start to finish.  They were all involved in helping me come up with my three character roles and made sure that I committed to those characters the day of the shoot. Everyone was on the same page on what characters are being shot for the day. That made it very unique.  It was a very successful shoot and my team was happy with the new headshots they are using to submit and pitch me.